Your Success , Our Goal.

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All the constant effort toward our customers to implement, train, customize and support the system, is just the starting point.

The real advantage of having an ERP well configured, with users well trained, is to create and provide information that is useful for making decisions, and all information is important!

Our goal starts here, offering specialized consultants in various areas of management of companies, that using the system installed, your data and processes are able to provide a single view of your business.

Increase sales by optimizing your CRM, CMS, Portal, Marketing and e-Commerce, reduce your costs with better purchasing processes, control your cash flow, do a review of taxation, and all this without using tools or external software, and in real time.


 To enable the services we have large pool of skilled and certified infrastructure consultants with credible experience on multi-location country wide and state wide customer engagements. Cross skilled consultants with industry standard certifications with highly focused technology & service practices in the areas of IT infrastructure services. We have industry best practices, best in class processes for IT infrastructure services.

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 TKOPEN SaaS (Online)

Create Your Database in Minutes.

 End–to-End (E2ES)

IT Infrastructure Supply, Support & Maintenance.

 Staffing Support

Skilled & Certified IT Consultants.

 Managed Services

Monitoring, Management, Operations & Service Desk.

 Performance Improvement

Tuning & Capacity Planning


We can host TKOPEN in your facilities with guarantee that regardless of the factors respond always as desired.